Aidan leads by example and facilitates staff members in twice-weekly evening classes. Committed to motivating staff through on-going education, Aidan encourages staff to set and achieve creative and commercial goals. He enables staff to travel abroad to attend international exhibitions and seminars, and at master classes by top international industry experts.

The fast-paced changes in hair styles in the mid 80's prompted Aidan to launch the first ever series of home-produced training videos demonstrating his cutting and styling techniques. Later a second Training Video entitled 'Hairdressing as a Career' for schools and colleges was launched by the then Minister for Labour, Mr. Ruari Quinn.

"I have long recognised that individuals are motivated differently and in complex ways; so, I believe in developing in my students all those qualities which a prized salon staff member must acquire".

Aidan's staff have taken their creative prowess to the world stage, giving displays at The Salon International Exhibition in London, and on demonstrations in Russia, Estonia, and Iceland, together with the invitation from L'Oreal to create their International Collection 2007 'Sweet Gourmet' in Paris.

Should you care to apply to join our house team we would love to hear from you. The greater your experience - the greater we will appreciate your talents. We do offer in-house training and should we like your 'style' and personality we will arrange for you to receive the best of training to allow you to make the best of your talents.

Phone or email the Salon Manager to make an appointment or to arrange to have us read your CV on (01) 288 6479 or 2831124 or email

Aidan also incorporates a policy of encouraging staff to join him on TV: print-media shoots, and Corporate Business Groups Demonstrations, opening a door for those staff who are keen to spread their newly acquired talents into various fields of work and areas of expertise.

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